Significance Of Maintaining The Indoor Air Quality Of Your House

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Pollution is one of the major concern in the recent years due to the increase in the number of vehicles and the growth of several industries. It is also alarming to know that the indoor air quality of your house is a major threat than the outdoor air quality. The pollutants present inside our house can result in chronic respiratory diseases like asthma, wheezing etc. Thus it is important that you’re aware of the common pollutant present inside your house. Get the facts on common indoor pollutants on various online sites. The link www.courier-journal.com/story/tech/science/environment/2017/09/07/louisville-air-quality-worst-home/525908001/ talks about the reasons for the increase in toxic substance present in indoor air.
It is important to understand about the significance of improving your indoor air quality so that you can lead a healthy life. The article below gives an overview of the common indoor pollutants and the ways to improve the indoor air quality of your house.

Common Indoor Pollutants
Dust, mites, pollen dust, molds are the most common type of pollutants that affect the indoor air quality of your house. These pollutants can be seen mostly under humid conditions. The chemicals from paints, cleaning agents, cosmetics, etc. are also the source of pollutants inside your house. These chemicals are the source of volatile organic compounds which are harmful to your health. Second-hand smoke is a primary indoor air pollutant which causes asthma and other respiratory-related illness. Carbon monoxide is released from combustion of natural which is also a common pollutant which pollutes the indoor air.

Improving Indoor Air Quality
It is essential that you take specific measures so that you can improve the indoor air quality. The pollution inside your house can be greatly reduced by providing proper ventilation for your house. This helps to bring in the fresh air inside your house and remove the polluted air outside. Ceiling fans can help a great deal in circulating the air inside a room. Use exhaust fans in bathrooms to remove humid air and in the kitchen to get rid of the smoke. You can install mechanical ventilation components in your house which serves as automatic indoor air cleaners.
Filters of AC units or furnaces capture airborne particles from indoor air. Once the filter is saturated with dust and other pollutants, it no longer can attract the pollutants present inside your house. Thus it is vital that you clean the filters of your air-conditioning unit and furnace. Uncleaned filters are the primary source of dust and other airborne particles which pollute the indoor air. There are various types of air cleaners which can be used along with the HVAC unit installed in your house. Ultraviolet light, humidifiers, fresh air ventilators, etc. can be used to purify the indoor air.
The use of high-quality filters like HEPA or MERV can help in purifying the indoor air of your house.
These filters are effective as they can remove nearly 100 percent of the airborne particulates present in the indoor air. It can also get rid of harmful gases and bad odors.
The above article gives an overview of the common indoor air pollutants and the ways to improve the indoor air quality of your house. By following the above measures, you can lead a healthy life.


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