Taking Good Care Of Your Leather Upholstery

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Furniture is available in the form of various materials, but there is no doubt that leather upholstery remains the king since time immemorial. It is one of the most favored choices due to its shiny, royal appearance and easy maintenance and long-lasting durability benefits. Cleaning leather furniture is as easy as pie if you just follow some easy to follow steps. The only point to take care is the fact that there are various types of leather upholstery available in the market. Each different type has different cleaning methods. Hence, always find what kind of leather you have in your house. Conditioners make leather shine and look its best. You could try looking for best leather conditioner purchase online and pick the one that suits your furniture. The site www.hgtv.com recently published some really simple and quick methods to clean furniture.

Getting To Know Your Leather
As we had already mentioned earlier, there are many types of leathers. Try checking out the labels or written materials available with the furniture. You could also try tracking down the details on the manufacturer’s website. Still, if you are left clueless or didn’t get the required details, here are some quick methods to distinguish your leather:
Aniline leather: These are the purest form of leather and has a grand, luxurious and soft feel. It is dyed with aniline dye and does not have any other coating for protection. In some cases, a treatment to resist dirt is done. The leather will have some natural marks or grains on the surface. These types of leathers are usually much costlier. Pull-up leather is also a type of aniline leather. It is usually injected and filled with wax and special oils. Nutbuck leather is another variety. It is usually buffed or distressed to make a velvety and soft, plush feeling.

Finished leather: These types of leathers have a coating for protection and is hence called protected leather. This leather is often used in most conditions as it is more finished. It can also be called semi-aniline leather. It is aniline leather plus pigmentation coating. It is much more durable due to the application of a pigmented protective layer of coating. Some protected leathers are coated with thick layers of polymers and pigments. These are much stiffer and can withstand wear and tear.

Caring Your Leather
It is always better to keep the cleaning and caring process simpler and easier. Try not to indulge in home remedies. Some people may resort to usage of vinegar or mayonnaise for cleaning leather. But never do that. Those are made for cooking up dishes like sandwiches or salads, and it is better to use it only for sharpening your culinary skills. All these materials cause only damage and destruction to the natural leather. People even tend to use hair care products for cleaning leather. Better not damage your leather by all these home remedies.

The only cleaning materials you would need to clean leather is distilled water, a vacuum cleaner with a brush attached to it and a mild, non detergent and neutral-pH liquid type soap. You could also make use of soft and white colored microfiber clothes and tarp cloth to wipe it. Finish it off with a good quality leather conditioner and you are done! Easy and quick!


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