Tips For Avoiding The Fear Of Flying

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Fear Of Flying

Many people hesitate to travel abroad due to the fear of flying. If you want to know How to combat your fear of flying, we suggest you read this article. We will provide some simple ideas and tips, which could help you overcome the fear. You may also check this review to get some ideas to get rid of fear. The fact is that many people were able to get out of fear and these ideas have worked.

Fear of flying is called aviophobia. One of the effective tips to overcome this fear is knowing how safe the airplanes are. Many people have a false impression or notion that flying is very risky and the chances of accidents and related deaths are pretty high. According to facts and statistics, only 1 in 1 million die due to a plane crash. It means you have just .00001% chance of getting killed during the flight journey. What many people are not aware of is that most people die due to road accidents and food poisoning. This is to say that flight travel is safer than other modes of transport.

Moreover, the aviation technology has been improving and the safety features have become much advanced than before. Therefore, the chances of aircraft experiencing malfunctioning, crashes have become rare. This is to say that the plane is the safest way to travel or transport.

Apart from the fear of dying, many people fear the movement and sensation that they experience while traveling in the plane. By understanding how the plane actually works, one can negate this fear. First, the flight needs to attain a certain speed to take off from the land to air. So, the flight goes fast while running on the aircraft before take off. During this time, the passenger might feel the flight rushing very fast. Once the flight has taken off, one will not get the feel of rushing fast and it will be more peaceful.

During the takeoff process, your ears might feel unusual due to the change in the air pressure, and it is quite normal.

An aircraft is said to face turbulence when it goes through a high-pressure zone from the low-pressure zone. This is equivalent to driving on a bumpy road. It is very rare for passengers to suffer from injuries due to the turbulence. The injuries happen only when the passengers don’t wear the seat belt.

Doors Don’t Open
Some fear that the plane doors might get opened during the move. This is not possible when the plane is traveling above 30,000 feet high, where the atmospheric pressure is so high.


Airplanes are much well-maintained to ensure safe travel. An airplane undergoes 11 hours of maintenance for each flying hour. It means if a flight completes a journey spanning 3 hours, then it will undergo 33 hours of maintenance.

You can try to relieve your anxiety by relaxing your mind by doing meditation and listening to some music. You can take a deep breath, close your eyes and imagine beautiful scenery to control or prevent the thought of fear.


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